IPriori, Inc is a consulting and litigation support firm specializing in the evaluation of intellectual property issues regarding software, Internet and eco/green technologies.

Our comprehensive intellectual property experience includes:

  • Software and systems

  • Analysis and technical presentation

  • Patent and copyright infringement litigation

  • Digital rights management

  • Trademark and trade secrets

  • Determination of dates of public availability of printed publications for IPR proceedings

  • Contractual compliance.

  • Retained technical expert search.

IPriori utilizes its proprietary, comprehensive knowledgebase integrating intellectual property data from many channels, including docket, patents-in-suit, reexaminations, appeals, claim construction thesaurus, auction results, prior art, documents, and more.

Services to clients involved in litigation of patents or Internet intellectual property issues throughout California and the United States include:

  • Intellectual Property Expert Witness Services

  • Intellectual Property Analytics, featuring data from the EPRIORI® Knowledgebase

  • Source Code Review

  • Intellectual Property Research

  • Patent Auction Analysis

  • Intellectual Property Asset Management

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Eco/Green/Cleantech

IPriori, Inc



Stuart Soffer